Our Food

Know what your baby is eating and how it was processed.


Working with a licensed pediatric dietitian, every recipe is individually created so it offers the most nutrition possible while keeping it yummy. Each 4.2 ounce container hold fresh, nutritious, organic food for your little foodie-to-be.

Certified Organic

Pure Spoon is certified organic by Nature's International Certification Services. All of our purées are made in our allergen-free, certified organic commercial kitchen.

Made by hand, always fresh

All of our recipes are hand-made using only fresh (never frozen) produce which remains raw or is lightly steamed for maximum nutrition and flavor. Every batch is made to order. The food is 100% pure and free from preservatives, additives, color, or anything else that isn’t simply food. It isn’t over-processed, canned, jarred or pouched.

Cold-pressed using HPP

We use a state-of-the-art process (High Pressure Pasteurization or HPP) that pasteurizes our food without the use of chemicals or nutrient-depleting high heat. The result is a safe, pure product that is free from potential harmful bacteria while maintaining the nutrition, flavor and texture that real, fresh food offers. Learn more about HPP.
Long exposure to high heat often causes fruits and vegetables to lose many of the nutrients naturally found within them. Why waste all of that nutrition?!

Freshness is always in season

Because our recipes only contain the freshest of ingredients, we are able to use the best of what each season offers. In addition, we will have the flexibility to change our recipes with the seasons so that your little one can experience a whole new set of food and tastes. Our food starts fresh and stays fresh until your baby eats it. What you feed your baby in the first few months shapes their taste buds and preferences for years to come.

The Difference Is Clear

We are dedicated in transparency in everything we do, including our packaging. We think it's important that you not only know what your baby is eating, but that you can see it. That's why we use 100% transparent cups so that you can see and get to every bit. Our packaging is also 100% recyclable (#1♻).