Where can I find Pure Spoon?

In addition to ordering from our online store, you can find us in some of your favorite grocery retailers in select locations around the U.S. Always look for Pure Spoon in the refrigerated section of the grocery store with the yogurt and other perishable items. Check the Store Locator page of our site for more. You can also find us online at Amazon.com, AmazonFresh or Jet.com.

Does Pure Spoon ship nation-wide?

Orders are shipped on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays via FedEx, USPS or UPS and can be delivered to addresses in the "Lower 48" United States. Because of the perishable nature of our organic purées, we do not currently ship to addresses in Alaska, Hawaii, or outside of the U.S. If we are not in your local store and you'd like to see Pure Spoon in a grocery store near you, please fill out this form and bring with you the next time you shop: order form

How are the purées shipped?

Our purées need to be kept cold to keep them fresh, so we always package them in an insulated box with gel packs. All packages are shipped via FedEx, UPS or USPS on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays and will arrive within one to three days. This schedule ensures that your purées arrive cold to your doorstep, and aren't left in a warehouse or truck somewhere over the weekend. 


Are gift cards available?

Yes! E-Gift Cards and Physical Gift Cards are both available. These gift cards are perfect for new or expecting parents and make great shower gifts. Gift cards do not expire and are good for purchases on PureSpoon.com.

Do you offer sales or discounts?

The best way to stay notified about sales and discount codes is to subscribe to our newsletter at the bottom of the page and follow our social media channels. We always announce new sales and special discounts there first!  

Do you offer subscriptions?

Yep! This is exactly what our founder dreamed of when she had her baby, and we want to make feeding your little ones healthy, fresh food as convenient as possible. Click here to browse our flexible subscription plans and save 10% off of every order.

How do subscriptions work?

Subscribers automatically save 10% on every single box. We offer a number of subscription plans so you can choose a delivery schedule that works best for your family.

After you sign up for a subscription, your boxes will ship automatically each period — no need for you to do anything! Your credit card will get charged when your boxes ship, and your purées will arrive a few days later.

You can edit, pause, or cancel your delivery schedule at any time by clicking on the link at the bottom of your subscription confirmation email

Do you make every recipe from scratch?

Yes, every single one right here at our allergen-free, certified organic kitchen in Austin, Texas. Only raw, organic ingredients are delivered here and we make each and every small batch by hand.

Is Pure Spoon just for babies?

Our purées were initially created for babies.

Then once Pure Spoon hit the shelves, the interest and demand for cold pasteurized purees exploded — but not just for babies — which was completely unexpected.

Parents of older children were excited that there was a healthy, fresher option for their picky eaters and kids that refused to eat their fruits and veggies. During demos, the kids devoured the purées and had no idea they were getting a nutrient-packed snack and they were eating broccoli, spinach, etc. Sneaky, we know!

Shelf-stable packages are cooked in their packaging — Pure Spoon is not. Because of our cold-pasteurization process, nutrients, vitamins and fresh flavor isn't lost so all of the nutrition from our fresh, organic ingredients stays right there in the container.

We also quickly learned that parents were enjoying Pure Spoon for themselves and some were buying it for their aging parents. Its perfect as a quick, healthy snack. Because we use the whole fruit and vegetable, ounce for ounce you are getting quite the boost of nutrition.

Do you use pre-processed or frozen ingredients?

No, we only use fresh, organic food for great taste and nutrition. All of our nutrients are naturally occurring in our fresh food. We do not add supplements or fortify our food in any way. We let nature do the work!

How much food is in each container?

From the beginning, we decided 4.2 ounces was the way to go. 3.5 ounces seems to be a standard size, but we often found that simply wasn’t enough food for each serving. More food = more nutrition.

Are your purées raw?

All Pure Spoon purées are made from fresh organic ingredients that are chopped by hand and then the ingredients either remain raw or they are lightly steamed. Steaming does not deplete crucial nutrients and flavor as much as boiling them does. Ounce for ounce, we want to pack in as much nutrition as we can!

Can the food be eaten right out of the refrigerator?


How long does your product last once opened?

Your little ones have up to 7 days to finish each container if the food has remained refrigerated.

Can your containers be frozen?

Of course! Just place your Pure Spoon purées in the freezer before the "Best By" date on the container. Freezing can extend the life of the product by as long as 6 months under the right conditions. However, once thawed the food should be eaten within 24 hours.

Can your containers be microwaved?

Yes, but be careful when microwaving. To warm the food, it only takes 10-15 seconds depending on the recipe. Make sure to check the temperature of the food after you microwave it to make sure its safe for your child to eat. The edges can be warmer than the middle.

Is every single ingredient in your recipes organic?

Yes and we are certified organic. There are preservatives that are allowed in certified organic foods that we chose not to include in our recipes. It would have been easier (and cheaper) to add citric acid or ascorbic acid to our recipes, but we didn't feel that was the best choice. We are really picky over here :)

Are your container and lids recyclable?

Yes, 100% recyclable and they are BPA-free. The lid is re-sealable so, if need be, you can finish the meal later.

How does your food stay fresh for so long?

We use high pressure pasteurization (HPP) to pasteurize all of our recipes. HPP uses pressure, not extreme heat, to lock in more nutrition, texture and flavor of food. Simply put, pasteurizing with pressure keeps food fresher and safer. A lot of nutrition (and flavor) can be lost when pasteurizing with heat so our ingredients are never boiled. Our recipes do not have to be processed in a way to allow for extended, room-temperature shelf-life in a pouch.

Why refrigerated?

Because a pouch isn't fresh. Our goal is to give you a fresher, more nutrient-packed option. Our primary concern is not shelf-life, its about giving you the absolute best food possible. If we offered our recipes in shelf-stable pouches, we would have compromised on our goals.

How many recipes does Pure Spoon have and how did you pick your recipes?

Currently, we have 11 recipes. We worked with a licensed dietitian to make sure we packed in as many "super foods" as possible into our recipes. One of our primary concerns was the lack of iron found in the food choices for young children/infants at the grocery store. We carefully included ingredients such as spinach, avocados, broccoli, and gluten-free rolled oats that give you the best bang for your buck when it comes to iron for little tummies. We are constantly playing in the kitchen and making new recipes and if there is any ingredient or recipe you would like to see added to our list, please let us know!

Is Pure Spoon the first company to offer ingredients such as avocados in a puree?

As far as we know, yes. There seems to be important nutritional gaps in what is offered in the baby food aisle and what young children need to grow. Iron was one noted gap (see question and answer above) and good fat was another. So, adding avocado to the ingredient list was done, albeit a painstaking one. An avocado is a sensitive fruit. It has to be just right.. and then the packaging of it was another hurdle we had to jump over. To give up on adding this ingredient to the Pure Spoon list wasn't an option... although we got really close to giving up. Finally, after many, many months of trial and error, we found the perfect solution for our custom-made 4.2 oz containers. So, here you have it- fresh, organic avocado recipes perfectly designed for little tummies.