Pure Spoon is #1 in Fresh Taste

Pure Spoon is the freshest tasting baby food.

At Pure Spoon, we are Garden Fresh For Babies. All of our baby foods are made with raw whole fruits and vegetables that are pureed and perfected. This produces a baby food that is delicious, nutritious, beautifully colorful and textured -- packed with earth's naturally-occurring nutrients.

We taste tested our baby food along side most major brands - both refrigerated and those on the baby food aisle. Pure spoon was clearly the #1 freshest tasting baby food - hands down!

We're confident you will agree. 

If you and your baby try Pure Spoon and don't think it's the freshest tasting baby food available - email us as info@purespoon.com. Include your name, date of purchase, expiration date of product and image of proof of purchase -- and we will credit you with the price you paid.