What is HPP?

Here at Pure Spoon, we’re big fans of a little process called High Pressure Pasteurization (HPP, also known as cold pasteurization). In fact, our love for HPP as opposed to the high heat pasteurization methods that other manufacturers do right in plastic pouches was one of the biggest reasons we decided to launch Pure Spoon in the first place: we wanted all of the benefits that HPP brings to the table, but we couldn’t find what we were looking for on store shelves.

So, just what is High Pressure Pasteurization, and why do we think it’s so neat?

How HPP works

Put simply, HPP is just what its name suggests: it’s a process that pasteurizes your food using high pressure — 87,000 pounds per square inch, in fact. As pressure is applied, bacteria that cause foodborne disease and that can cause food to spoil prematurely are killed, thereby increasing the food’s shelf life and eliminating any potential risks to you, the diner. To do HPP, foods are packaged in a flexible container, then placed into a high pressure chamber. The chamber is filled with cool temperature water and then pressurized with a pump for 1 to 5 minutes. Voila! You have a fully pasteurized product.

Why HPP is better than other methods

Many products extend their shelf life using preservatives. While this may be convenient for both manufacturers and consumers, preservatives have been linked to a whole host of health problems, from cancers to hormone disruption. Heat pasteurization is another popular method for making food safe and lengthening its life. Unfortunately, this method can kill flavor, can change a product’s color into something gross and unappealing, and can decrease the nutritional quality of each bite. Unlike High Pressure Pasteurization, it can also alter a product’s shape, making it look lumpy and otherwise unappealing.

Is HPP Safe?

There’s no doubt about it: HPP is most definitely safe. In fact, it’s just as effective as high heat pasteurization, which you most likely eat every day without a second thought. The FDA has long since approved of HPP as a method for keeping food safe, as have numerous studies. When you or your child or another loved one consumes a product treated in the HPP manner, you don’t have to worry about any disease risk.

So that’s: better taste, more appealing color, authentic texture, with the most nutrition possible. What’s there not to love? You get everything you would if you were personally cooking purees every day, but without even having to cook them all yourself. This may sound like a little thing, but it’s not when you’re in a rush and yet you still want to feed your child well. In fact, HPP for purees is a revolutionary idea, one that totally flips the traditional Gerber model on its head. This is the biggest innovation the baby food!

That’s why we started this company: we were sick of these unsatisfactory options provided by big food manufacturers, and we wanted to provide healthy, convenient options to parents just like us, without all of the labor. HPP allows us to do just that!

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