The Pure Spoon Story

As a new mother, I felt the same pressures that most of us do: I wanted my baby to be the happiest, healthiest baby, and it was up to my husband and me to make that happen. 

When Riley approached the 6 month mark and was ready to try food, my husband and I knew we wanted to continue to feed her in the most healthful way possible, and, quite frankly, we didn’t think doing so would be such a big deal. All we’d have to do is pick up a few jars of the best choice of baby food at the grocery store and she’d be off on the real food fast track, right?

Wrong. All it took was one stroll down the baby food aisle to disavow us of this notion. Everywhere we turned there was nothing but synthetic junk: jars and plastic pouches filled with over-processed ingredients - some of which we couldn’t even pronounce. In addition, everything offered was shelf-stable which we learned happens after the food is cooked in the packaging and often made with premade/ preprocessed purees. So, you mean, they cook this food in the plastic? (yes, they do!) We also learned that the food lost a ton of nutrition and flavor when doing this. Where do you go to get the fresh stuff? Disgusted by what we saw there, we headed to the produce section instead and gathered up fresh, local, organic goodies.

Back home, I whipped up my very first batch of puree. I never returned to the baby food aisle. Now, don’t get me wrong. I love what I do, but it wasn’t exactly like I wanted to make all of my own baby food. I ran my own business at the time (a different one), and it’s not like I had the extra time or energy to throw at becoming a one woman puree operation. It was just that I couldn’t stand giving my daughter anything else and if that meant pureeing like crazy, that’s what I was going to have to do. As my friends and family members started to ask not only about the purees but also about how I got my daughter to be such a voraciously healthy eater, I began to realize that I wasn’t the only one who sought healthy, fresh puree options. It was just that most parents were too overwhelmed to make their own.

Soon after, I learned about a process called High Pressure Pasteurization (HPP), which would allow me to pasteurize my purees without having to heat them, thereby retaining those fresh tastes and a maximum amount of nutrients. And just like that, Pure Spoon was born. Our mission: to give other parents fresher, nutrientpacked, organic options that I couldn’t find in my own grocery store; to do in our kitchen what you would be doing in yours, but on a much bigger, much more time and costeffective scale. As we’ve grown in popularity, insiders in the food industry have pressured us to switch to more osteffective procedures, including heat pasteurization and the use of premade purees, but that would defeat the whole point of providing fresh, tasty purees, and our mission hasn’t changed. Along the way, we’ve sought to innovate in an industry that hasn’t changed much since baby food first became a thing in the 1930s. We’re revolutionizing the options available for young children. Why, after all, shouldn’t every child have access to fresher, organic food that tastes and looks great, and nourishes the body deeply along the way? And why shouldn’t parents have an easy way to get that?

The Pure Spoon story is still evolving, but our mission will never change. Check out where you can find our delicious and nutritious purees today!

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