The Power of Purée

pure spoon logoEver have this experience? You cut up an apple for your child’s lunch, hopeful that they’re going to chow down with a smile on their face. But when that lunch box returns at the end of the day, that apple is still there, except now it’s browned and revolting.

How frustrating is this moment??? You want your kids to eat healthily, but short of force feeding them from afar, it seems like an impossibility.

That is, of course, unless you send them to school with Pure Spoon. Not only have parents told us that they now use Pure Spoon to sneak their children’s daily dose of fruit and veg in, but we’ve also seen this happen directly in taste testing sessions: kids think they’re eating something fun like applesauce (which is really just premade puree, oversugared, stripped of its nutritional value, and jammed into a jar) when really they’re eating their daily servings of vitamins and minerals.

In fact, while Pure Spoon is often used as baby food, we hear stories all the time about our customers using our products in ways we didn’t even realize they could. Let’s take a look at just what they are.

1. Preventing the Development of Picky Eaters

Sure, we’ve just discussed how Pure Spoon can be used to trick your picky eaters into eating healthily. But we’ve found that our products may also be effective in preventing the development of picky eaters in the first place.

Here’s the deal: most of the food that babies encounter is pretty bland. Even when jarred baby food has interesting ingredients (a true rarity), they’re over processed in order to be made shelf-stable, which strips them of their complex and more subtle tastes. When this is baby’s first exposure to food, it’s no surprise why many babies develop bland, picky palettes; afterall, “bland” is familiar, so why change things up once they’ve started down that path?

When you start with Pure Spoon’s raw or lightly steamed purees rather than with traditional baby foods, you’re giving your kids a diversity of flavors to taste. You’re getting them used to the tastes of healthy foods from the get go. This means that they’ll be far less likely to demand bland foods like mac n’ cheese and French fries when you start moving them on to solids.

So that picky eater? Never becomes a picky eater in the first place.

2. Getting in a Daily Dose of Fruit and Veg

It’s not just babies and picky eaters who love Pure Spoon. We have plenty of customers who grab a container for their purse, gym bag, or briefcase to eat on the go. Because Pure Spoon is generally okay to eat for several hours after it leaves the fridge, it’s an easy, nutrition-packed solution for busy children and adults alike, no matter where you are.

3. Feeding the Elderly

Our products are also a great solution for the elderly, who still want their nutrition-packed meals but may not be able to stomach or chew whole foods. Rather than consuming fortified drinks like Boost or Ensure, they can simply have Pure Spoon and enjoy the full array of tastes they’ve spent a lifetime acquiring. When we first launched Pure Spoon, we were feeding a baby and a 100 year old grandmother, and we can attest that it was a hit with both!

4. Substituting Other Foods

We have many customers that reach for Pure Spoon rather than a midday or morning yogurt or smoothie, which often come with extra sugars. Others love to add a puree right into their yogurt and granola to make a delicious smoothie bowl. It’s a nutritious, delicious and convenient offering for on the go!

5. Baking

Rather than using sugary applesauce as a replacement in healthy recipes, reach for Pure Spoon! We have customers that make zucchini bread with our zucchini purees, and who have found many more ways to integrate our other purees into many different recipes.

Pure Spoon is great for babies, but they’re not our only demographic. How do you eat your Pure Spoon? Let us know in the blog comments!



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